this is Bethany.

Bethany takes photos.

Bethany Brewster is a yoga-loving, nerdy lady. Based out of Houston, TX, Bethany began making art when she learned to pick up a crayon (circa 1987). She started exploring photography sometime around 2002 and has been obsessed ever since. Wielding her trusty Nikon D810 or some sort of film camera, Bethany works to capture emotions and create stories.

To be totally honest, her favorite images come from those moments when someone lets their guard down. Bethany won't tell you, but seeing someone else's weird facial expressions makes her feel a little less alone in the world. Actually, she might tell you, she's pretty aware of her awkwardness. Bethany has been told this is endearing. She hopes she was not lied to.

Bethany belongs to the Stay at Home Club for Introverts, has one cat, one dog, and one husband, and cross-stitches in her spare time.

Session investment will differ depending on your needs. Maybe you want to use a studio space, maybe you want to change outfits twelve times, maybe you think you'll need a shot of tequila. Let's chat details over coffee and plan your individualized session.
This is crazy - call me maybe?

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Portraits. Lovers. BABIES. brands. content. FITNESS. Families. good times.



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